Why do we accept that success at work requires daily mental exhaustion?


Reclaim your 5 to 9

At whatbalance we explore methods to break the cycle of exhaustion through low effort actions with a big impact.  Today this project is just a spark, but my objective to expand the site to include:

  • actions to help reduce daily exhaustion,
  • a roadmap to gain control over your energy levels,
  • tools for energy tracking and nightly reflection,
  • a workbook to help you identify your energy boosters and leaks,
  • a blog to explore the challenges of energy management, and
  • a community to remind you that you’re not alone.
If the words on this page resonate with you; join our mailing list to be informed when we launch and get a few updates along the way.  In the welcome email, I will share a little of my story, and include a tip to start reclaiming your 5 to 9 today.